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matching health system for all family members

Dear DuoLingo - I signed up for duolingo some time ago and do not have the health/heart system. My 7 year old daughter recently joined me in duolingo, signed up a few months ago and she has the health system. It is incredibly discouraging for her that she has a penalizing system but I don't - especially since she is a young learner who makes more spelling mistakes. I feel like we can't learn together as well because we aren't on the same system. I've tried making new accounts for her to try to remove the health system but the new accounts always have the health/heart system. If we can't remove it for both of us, then could you make it so we at least both have the health system so it works the same for both of us? Please advise. Thank you!

May 20, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Duo won't do anything to change this for you, it's an A/B test. I agree, it's an utterly terrible system.


    You could both use the web - no Health there. Or even just do new lessons on the web, and review on mobile (when you are out and about).

    If you want the app UI, all the time, then you could use the BlueStacks emulator:



    Don't know if it's the best solution but if it is important to have the same system you could start a new account for yourself as well? No guarantees you'll always have the same "system" though since it could be Duo runs A/B tests in the future and one of you will be the "lucky" one...


    I agree that this is probably the way to be on more-or-less the same system. harmony.starr, is your device iOS as well? There's no health on Android. Of course, it won't equalize your spelling abilities.

    It might be a fluke, but it looks to me like they've substantially reduced the time interval to regain health bars. It was four hours I think. Just now it seems to be 1. Maybe I'm in a small test group, but it's probably worth taking a look. Could make it a good deal easier for your daughter to keep up with mom.


    Currently all new accounts get the health system and older are gradually added to the health system by time.

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