Someone for english conversation?

May 20, 2017

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Hello Reyndi, and welcome to Duolingo! My name is Lily. I am from the United States, and my native language is English. How are you today?

¡Hola Reyndi, y bienvenid@ a Duolingo! Me llamo Lily. Soy de los Estados Unidos, y mi idioma nativo es inglés. ¿Cómo está usted?

May 20, 2017

Wow!, very good spanish!

Hi Lily! i am very well thanks, how about you?

Hi my name is Javier Arzate and i would like to practice my english, i've studied english for around 6 mounths. I would appreciate your help, have a nice day

Hi! Where are you from?

Dominican Republic and how about you?

I'm from Perú, so, what do you want to talk about?

whatever, just want to parctice my english!

Well, why do you like to learn English?

well, is a very important language and i want to be an english teacher!

Do you want to study another language in the future?

yes, french! and do you speak another laguage?

Well, I speak English, Spanish, German, Esperanto and Chinese fluently.

That's great! in this country people who speak two or three languages get job very easy!

Really, that's awesome!

Yeah! most of the people like to study languages for a better living

Well, here, not many people speak English, they often choose Portuguese, the easiest language for a Spanish Speaker.

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