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Content: Assyrian Golden Owl making

Hello all! I very love Semitic languages, and I wanted to learn Aramaic. Then I noticed, that there's a discussion about the Assyrian Neo-Aramaic language, and the writers want to make a course. Here's the discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7797990 (Thanks Sebastian, you made a very qualitative comment!!!)

Then I saw, that there's no Golden Owl to it, so here is the contest:

  1. Make an Assyrian Golden Owl
  2. Link it to the comments below
  3. If you win, you earn 50 Lingots!

How will I rate the GOs? - The "traditional" look-like of the original Owls - The smoothness, the clearness - Similarity of your Owl to the original flag. (Colours, symbols...etc)

I'll see, how's it going, and I'll share the winner(s). (There must be min. 5 participants)

So, thank you to be a part of this, and...

Special Thanks to: - Sebastian Molin (because he made the best discussion about the language, and the Memrise course that teaches it) - AshurBanipal96 (because he want to be a contributor) - Everyone, how tries the contest.

Miron (ܡܝܼܪܘܿܢ)


May 20, 2017



All right; I had a go. I couldn't do the shading very well using my primitive graphic tools, however:


It looks very nice!!! Thanks for sharing! ;)


Well, I never saw hide nor hair of those lingots...

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