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Progressing further in German

So I finished the tree about 18 months ago, and I strengthen stuff.

So in the meantime I've been looking at other sources like Memrise, Busuu, Slow German, Hellotalk, Mango, podcasts, a book in German, Readlang, and nothing has worked.

I've plateaued for about a year now. My skills have probably gone down just slightly.

Does anybody have an idea of what would actually work? How many hours/dedication?

Please leave suggestions :D

May 20, 2017


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What worker for me was about 100 hours of TV shows content. Keep going even if you don't understand almost anything at first. Eventually you will start to pick up more and more words and later you will become very good at listening. It works for everyone who sticks with it. And naturally your other German skills will improve as well.

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Try following the news on DeutschWelle http://www.dw.com/de/themen/s-9077 Try using Nachrichtenleicht http://www.nachrichtenleicht.de/startseite.1899.de.html Try using Euronews in german http://de.euronews.com/

On Youtube easy german is really good https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxb2fqe9oNgglAoYqsYOtQ

Also you could look up autobiographies on german Wikipaedia of Historical figures or events or look up places you'd like to visit. Pursue any of your own interests in German.Learn some songs,steal some tunes and write your own !!!

Good luck


These are good suggestions. I especially like Easy German -- I like how they talk to people on the street about different topics. They've got "super easy" videos on there, too, for those who want to start "at the beginning," as well as some videos that specifically focus on grammar issues.


Have you considered taking a break from German and working on different languages? Have you considered the Reverse German Tree? New words are presented as well as some new sentences. Rather than be concerned with hours and dedication, do you still enjoy working on German? Rather than make specific suggestions, I thought that some questions may give you some insight. Best wishes. :)


Maybe we could have German conversations via google chats. Then we could become more fluent in real conversations with real people. It would help us both.


Maybe. What's your skill level?


I have yet to do this since I am still on the German from English tree, but after I finish my plan is to then complete the English from German tree. I also like the idea of completing the Spanish from German tree, after I complete both the German from English and Spanish from English trees separately.

Also, a ton of Netflix shows have German audio dubs, so I have been watching those.

Another idea would be to purchase audio books in German. I am listening to Der Process (The Trial) and Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis).


try to listen some conversations in German / English, so you can understand the words, how they are used, but, keep working on it from any source, your brain will somehow "eat" the German :)

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