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"Thirty-one hryvnias and twenty-one dollars"

Translation:Тридцять одна гривня і двадцять один долар

May 20, 2017



AS a rule of thumb, words ending with "a" or "ya" tend to be feminine; "o" & "e" neuter, and most masculine objects end with consonant sounds / letters. Watch for the exceptions!))


Can anyone help me to understand why 'one' is different for these two numbers? For thirty-one it is одна but for twenty-one it is один. Is it because twenty is special or is it because dollars and hryvnias are considered different?


Dollars and hryvnias have different genders.


Any reason for the difference to the currencies? And is this the same with all?


In Ukrainian endings will always be different. For example: one dollar - один долар; one Italian Lira - одна італійська ліра. Dollar - he. Lira - she


This was right i don't know why it has not been accepted??

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