how long?

how long will it take you to fluently learn a language

May 20, 2017


How much you immerse yourself is the only factor, not time.

  1. Read the language: Books
  2. Watch the language: Tv
  3. Listen to the language: Music
  4. Use the language: Talk
  5. Own the language: Think (In the Language)

You watch tv, listen to music, think, and talk everyday. Do the same thing, just not in English.

Every language is different. Languages like Chinese or Russian take longer for English speakers than German or Spanish or something. But all of them take at least 400 hours. I think one of the languages in Asia, maybe Vietnamese, takes like 800 hours.

I've heard that Japanese takes more than 2,200 hours.

I think 500 total hours of learning and speaking at the very very least.

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