I'm mid-homework and I came upon following sentence: "Seine Mutter ist (nurse)." Should I write "die", "eine" or simply "Krankenschwester"? And why?

May 20, 2017


If you want to point at one specific nurse or there is just one then "die Krankenschwester" is the correct term. -> His mother is the nurse.

Otherwise you want to say "(eine) Krankenschwester". If you just want to say the job/profession you can omit the "eine", that is what I mean by using paratheses. -> His mother is a nurse. As far as I know it is never wrong if you don't omit it, though.

I dont know if my explanations are understandable, tell me if anything is unclear.

Roger that, thanks ^^

Shaoriko is correct, it depends on the context. Seine Mutter is Krankenschwester (no die or eine) in regular sentences if you want to say his mother is a nurse. If you want to add emphasis "die Krankenschwester."

Thanks again, that streak kinda scares me tho.

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