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I have been gone a while and learnt something important

I haven't been on Duolingo quite as much recently. Part of it is because I'm learning how to manage to adjust my time, part of it has to do with personal adjustments, and part of it has to do with the fact I'm going to be graduating from high school next month. But I still love languages, and I have Duolingo to thank for that. Despite the fact I haven't been on this account in two weeks, there's a lot I've realized in the time I've been not on.

Duolingo is a great teacher when it comes to not only languages, but time and adjustment. You don't have to assign huge gaps of time to do something that doesn't take that long. And it doesn't has to be fixed. It's better to learn and practice Spanish at your own pace for two hours total across the weekend than it is to shove 5 minute lightning-quick drills in your mind every day. By two hours total, I don't mean you have to do exactly half and half by x amount of time. You can do an hour and a half on Saturday, do all your normal Sunday activities, and then get some practice in for a half-hour before dinner. This goes for everything, not just language learning.

Duolingo is flexible. Usually the happiest people are the ones with a flexible lifestyle. It has been proven time and again that if you put some time aside for "leisure" or independent activities, you're more likely to be happy, because you find stuff during that time to do what you like. It can be learning French, reading a book, or taking a nap to the tune of a humming electric guitar lullaby in the background. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as you're happy. Duolingo offers us an easy way to start learning a language during this free time. It's actually really healthy for us.

Also, it's important to know that if you want to get good at something, you have to practice it often. Not every day necessarily, but often enough to remember it for a long time, maybe as long as you're alive. You have a lot of time for that. Take it slow and enjoy seeing yourself grow.

That being said, my Spanish is still pretty a-okay, but I really need to brush up on quite a few trees. I'm sure the owl is happy to see me again. Now, onto my current quest! Ciao, il mondo bellissimo!

May 20, 2017



I figured this out several decades after graduating from high school. So you are way ahead of me!


Well said! Congratulations on graduating high school!


Weird, I was at a graduation party earlier today... But happy graduation, and be glad the owl doesn't cry anymore, right :D


I'm graduating from high school too! I do find time everyday to do duo though. It isn't always 10 lessons a day, but I keep up my streak (I haven't lost it yet since starting duo) and, a few times a week, I do a bunch of review. Congratulations on graduating! :)

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