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Japanese for English Speakers General Thread

民な、 こんにちわ!As you all may know, Japanese from English has not been added to Duolingo's web interface as of yet, and therefore does not have its own discussion stream. So I've decided to create this thread to serve as a substitute until we get one! As somebody who's been studying Japanese for a very long time, it excites me to finally see a Japanese course on Duolingo, and I would love to communicate with other Japanese learners about the language and the culture it shapes.

I can also answer any grammar questions you may have (it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it) and help explain some of the translations that the course provides. With that, 勉強しましょう!

May 20, 2017



I'm not a native Japanese speaker, but wouldn't the first part be 「皆さん、こんにちは!」instead of 「民な、こんにちわ!」? 読んでくれてありがとう!


It can be, though I think it can vary depending on formality level. Idk. I get a lot of my Japanese from anime, where they may not speak with the same level of formality as they would in real life. Thanks for addressing that though! I probably should be more mindful of my audience.


Well, still, 皆 is the kanji you're looking for for みんなand こんいちは uses は instead of わ. Which is such a painfully easy mistake to make with these IMEs.


Yeah, I typed it into Lexilogos phonetically without even thinking about it.


One other easy mistake to make with Japanese IME is typing こんいちは instead of こんにちは.. ;-)


Oh yeah, that's the one I do all the time.


We now have a Japanese from English forum and we are now moving Japanese-related discussions over, including this one. Please post future Japanese conversations there. =]

Announcement here


yo. Is your profile pic Greece from Hetalia? He looks like it.


Oh! I actually got it right xD.




I'm so happy that Japanese is available on the app!!! I've been waiting YEARS!!! Like you, I've been (casually) studying Japanese for a while and I'm so glad it's finally on duolingo! It'll be great when it's available on the website too!

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