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Learning with an Accent

Hello! I'm learning German and Russian at the same time. Both these and English are spoken regularly in my house, but Russian and English are what I hear/speak most often. I have so much trouble with pronouncing German with a German accent instead of a Russian accent. For example, I say 'danke' (thank you) like 'dankye.' I'm wondering if this is socially acceptable, or at least understandable, to native German speakers. And, if I cannot be understood or if speaking German with a Russian accent is unheard of, how can I improve my accent? Thank you! Спасибо! Danke! -Matthew

May 21, 2017



I'm sure native German speakers will have no trouble understanding your accent.


I think the hardest part of getting rid of an accent is being able to hear the difference. The rest is a matter of practice and should come fairly quickly once you are immersed into a proper environment. Since all three languages are spoken around you, I assume you have an ear for all their sounds. Just have your relatives stop and correct you when your own pronunciation is too far off.


If you practice with passion, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Plus, as Timk68747 said, Germans will probably understand your accent.


I think it won't be too bad, it would be as understoodable as any language just with an accent. Just work on it if you think it's too big of a concern.

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