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Yabla for Spanish?

Anyone using that site to improve their listening skills? Any feedback on how effective it is?

I just finished my second pass through the entire Duo Spanish tree and am dipping into Immersion, and I translate at least one article a day from http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/

My big weakness is listening to spoken Spanish at anything approaching normal speed, which sounds like Warp 8 to me. I have a 12 day trip to Spain in May and in a couple of places I'll be where no English is spoken (by choice, I'm looking for a challenge). So I need to improve on this.

I've watched Extr@ and am on episode 13 (of 52) of Destinos, which are both OK. But I need something a bit more structured too, hence Yabla.

Any feedback from users before I plonk down $10/month? (Too bad they don't yet accept Lingots :)

4 years ago


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After I finished Extr@, I switched to just watching Youtube videos (of random things, like guitar lessons, video games, etc.). Have you watched many movies? After Extr@, I think the best thing to do is start listening to things at normal speed, not designed to be easy to understand. Music, movies, Youtube videos, whatever you like. Just listening to it will tune your ear.

4 years ago


i am going to Costa Rica with my class and my teacher is always saying how one of the best ways to learn Spanish is to be completely surrounded in a Spanish speaking enviorment if that makes any sense

4 years ago

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You could find a native speaker. You teach him english and he teaches you spanish. Just a suggestion. But, anyway, i'm not an english native speaker and had a hard time understanding spoken english. I only feel more confident now because I've been to US for a month. So don't worry, sometimes you have to go for it and struggle for a few days to really understand what people are saying. It took me 2-3 days to feel confident enought to start talking to people, specially at shops and restaurants.

4 years ago

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Pobre Sialso. I feel your pain. Hope you are having a good experience in my country.

4 years ago


Try, maybe, to listen to Spanish radio. I found it very helpful. Or maybe some audiobooks?

4 years ago