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hey, is there a way I can make a account from Google? Does Dulingo really help you?

May 21, 2017



When you are about to make an account, you can press; Sign In With Google, and you have to enter your account, then you will be logged in. I made my account with Google, so you should have no problem with making your own!


Thanks so much for info!


google account: for making a duolingo account? not that i know of.

Duolingo helping: absolutely!!


PLus, can you learn multiple languages at the same time?


You can! Hey, if you are really competitive you and I could battle out for language domination in monthly points if you like ^^ Nice to meet you by the way! hope you like it here!


thank you! we could battle sometime,but I do not know how.


No pressure! ^^ Just enjoy your time here!


From Duolingo's "Help" (float your mouse over your name in the banner at the top of the page and you'll get a drop-down list with "Help" as one of the options): https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204830160-How-can-I-learn-multiple-languages-at-the-same-time-


Hi, for questions about how Duolingo works, could you please use the topic of "Troubleshooting" when you make your discussion? The general "Duolingo" forum is for general questions about languages, learning tips and methods, etc. Technical questions about how Duo works go in "Troubleshooting".

Thanks - and welcome aboard!!

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