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How long does it take to learn German

If I did 40 minutes a day, how would it take for me to the the whole "tree"?


May 21, 2017



It all depends on how comfortable you want to be before moving on; 40 minutes a day is plenty to make pace, but review is always good as well. Completing a tree can be done in a few weeks, but it really should take months to properly memorize the content. Learning a language is a long process and shouldn't be rushed too much! Good luck with your learning, hope you enjoy German enough to keep at it.


Deutsch ist eine so schwere Sprache.

Tagsüber: Der Weizen. Das Korn.

Abends: Das Weizen. Der Korn.

gesehen bei: Verein Deutsche Sprache e.V. Also am besten abends lernen!


The tree with 40 minutes a day will take you from 6 to 8 months. But finishing the tree is not the same as becoming fluent.


It took me 10 months because I always maintained the tree and kept it gold. If you go faster and log on daily it should take maybe 7-8 months.

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