Hello!! I need some people to do a conversation in english. :)

Hello, I need to do a lot of practical conversation, because I travel to London in a month!. thank you!

May 21, 2017

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May 21, 2017

hello, come on! can you speak english?

hi , how are you?

hi, how you been?

hi! very well! thaks, and you? where are you from?

te ayudaria pero recien estoy aprendiendo :)

hello, how are you friend? my name is julian

hi, my name is gaby...

what do you do friend?

many homework, and you?, what do you do

I studying english, you speak spanish

i too.... study english... si mas hablo español... :)... what is your nationality?

hola de donde eres?

Hello how are you?

fine and you?, where do you live?

Nice I live in ...

o'h right! if you don't said your country, thats is okey.

great! im Argentina, I live in Buenos Aires.tell me i think of you!

Hello I am yaderson, I want to practice a lot

o'h right, tell me, where is you from? . I'm Argentinian. Sorry, my english is so informal. Do you can do more formal sentence? I'm prepared, for a new jobs proposal.

hello i can practice wiht you

Hello, i´m Loriana , what is your name? :D
I love the French language too, If you like practice this idiom, that's is ok for my!. ?I studied french four months, but i don't remember a lot.

hi what is your name

hi, my name is Loriana and your name?

my name is Jhon Alexander

Hello!! My name is Verlin

hello ! how are you?. Im Loriana. where are you from?

hello LorianaBra. Where are yoy from?

I am fine, i from Dominican Republic

thaks for a lingots!! o'h right, im so nervous, Im prepare a lot of paper for a travel. if you know London, please if you want comments your experience!!

Hi Loriana. My name is Angel and I am a man. I know my name in English is for females. How are you? I read you are going to go to UK for a job promotion, aren't you? Can you say me what kind of job you do? I'm an engeenier dedicated to plastics molding.

Hi Angel, i am so good, but is very difficult prepare my english in a one month. i am from of south of argentina, and studied 4 years in a institute, in my young life. I going to London, because will prepare myself for be better hairdresser to work by cruise.

nice! there is a wonderful place... i would like to go there someday!! what do you do there, Loriana?

hello, I need to pactice a lot too, if you want you can add to facebook and we can talk by audio messages and chatting by morning or nigths

hi ! how are you?

hello, you speak english

Hi , yes, and you ?

o'h rigth! how are you? I'm Loriana!

hi loriana im juan add me in wassap 3114992747 we can talk if u like

Hi again, What about your English and duolingo? Do you feel it is easy to study in this way? I hope you do your best in order to achieve all what you want.

Yo estaba escribiendo y se pone correcto no no

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