Would be nice to have more interesting topics to buy in the Lingot store. I have no use for the Lingots earned at this point.

May 21, 2017


Heh. There's only like 3 bonus lessons for each course. Many of them don't even have them. But you can always give them away. Like I mean I have 1738 of them. I already bought all the bonus courses I could. So here's a few to give away to other people. (^_^)

You speak so many languages! Wow dude!!

On French there are only two bonus skills and I'm interested in neither. They should add more of those.

i am from germany

hallo ich bin tobi

means: hi i am tobi

hallo,ich bin Keira. Wie gehts tobi?

I will take. any lingots you have Thanks a lot.

hi my streak isn't really good

Hi Tobias876. Same >.< I am terrible at streaks :o

and now in need LINGOTS!!!

I agree. They should add things like wallpapers or avatar pics that you can buy with lingots. :)

do you learn german??????????????????????????????

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