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Japanese for English Speakers on PC

When will the Japanese for English speakers course be available on PC? It should have been released 3 days ago. (As of 21-5-17)

May 21, 2017


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I read that Android will be available in 1 or 2 weeks and the PC version sometime during this year. They released iOS because they were ahead with it, Android will be available ASAP and the web version doesn't have so much priority because only 15% users use the web version of Duo.


I hope this doesn't mean web users will always be the very lowest priority from now on. Duolingo used to say their goal was to provide free education to anyone with an internet connection. Now do we have to have certain devices to get the best of Duolingo?


I imagine that most people who can afford apple products have already received an at least half-decent education. But there are no ads on the web, so no doubt Duolingo follows the money...


Mmmh, ... I have ads on the web...


Actually, there are ads on the web version. You can barely see it though.



It's probably harder to do it on the web since they have to introduce the Hiragana, and I don't know how they're going to do that. A 'type the answer in the blank' for Hirgana just won't work.

They could possibly do the picture exercise. I don't know how it's gonna work though.


The web browser versions of the Hebrew and Russian courses don't seem to teach each character of their alphabets separately. I don't see why it's not possible for the web browser version of Japanese to be in the same boat?

Anyway, they could simply direct people to use their Hiragana and Katakana courses on Tinycards, which is available on the web too. There are so many free resources online already for learning hiragana and katakana (such as realkana.com)

Some people aren't starting Japanese from scratch and at least know hiragana already. The Japanese course on the web browser in its current state is already really helpful for practising sentence composition. It would be nice if they would just release it for web officially, just as it is, so that at least people at this stage can benefit from it and contribute to the beta testing.

(I'm not an iOS user). ^^


The thing is, that TinyCards doesn't sync with courses (at least not yet).


Even on mobile devices they don't have the type an answer. Or at least I don't.


This has been a distinctive feature of the Japanese course. As far as I know, all other trees (excluding Korean?) have required typing in the target language, no matter the writing system. There is now (the option of) typing on the web version of Japanese, however.


It might be a lower priority for publicity generating beta courses perhaps.

It is interesting to note that usually mobile access comes late in the beta process.

However, with beta courses that generate publicity, mobile has been there from the start, and in the case of Japanese, to the exclusion of web. I think this is because most new users arrive on mobile. They are going to be a bit puzzled if they can't find the language (they have just read about) on the app. They may close the app and never open it again. This is lost traffic for Duolingo. And lost word of mouth - since the new user will not be sharing any progress on Facebook etc.

I would cite both Swahili and Japanese as publicity generating beta courses. Someone in another discussion stated that Guarani was another language that arrived early on mobile. This may also have been a publicity generator - I would have thought so, but I am not sure.

It will be interesting to see if the Klingon and High Valyrian betas follow the same pattern. However, unless there have been software changes, I would expect web and mobile together (if publicity is driving this). Japanese was an odd situation.

[Though mobile from day one of beta, could become the default pattern for all languages - we will soon see with the Italian for Portuguese speakers beta]

Edit: Even if web is a lower priority for betas from now on (either generally or just for publicity generating courses) it shouldn't matter unless there are software changes.


Someone in another discussion stated that Guarani was another language that arrived early on mobile.

Unclear really. Launched on web at beginning of last September. Came to the apps in March I think. As far as time span, then, not super obviously early, but yes in relation to its apparent progress towards graduating from beta, which hasn't been much.

English for Thai showed up on the app within a couple weeks. So far at least Italian for Portuguese doesn't seem to have. Given that English for Thai is somehow already out of beta, its arrival on the app I guess might have been expected. Italian for Portuguese seems to have left the incubator in a pretty nascent state, fwiw.


The other user's point about Guarani, was in response to an observation I was making about betas arriving on mobile. That they might be quality related - when the errors rates are low. It seemed like mobile was a predictor of graduating from beta. I must admit that, I never actually graphed it out, to check there was a relationship. It could be my imagination. Anyway, I think perhaps they were saying that Guarani arrived earlier on mobile than it should have if quality was the key factor. I interpreted that as if arriving early - bug I don't really have any idea for why. That it was for publicity reasons is a guess. It could just as well be that the Peace Corp people prefer to use mobile.


If I had to speculate, it's because Duo saw that the report rate was high, wasn't going anywhere soon, and just decided not to worry about it for a language with obviously somewhat limited appeal and reach.


I have the app, I got Japanese on the app, and I can do Japanese on the web too. If I refresh or try to go to discussions Duolingo will say Japanese is not yet supported on the web, so I just don't do that and everything is fine.

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    Android in 1-2 weeks, and the web later this year.


    I've seen someone post a workaround on reddit to access it early. I tried it out and it seems to work fine at least for the beginning stages. I think for the moment I'll stick to tinycards though and get my katakana and vocab going, as I'm guessing there's a good reason they haven't released it yet


    do you have a link to this?


    I would use web duo if they released japanese for it.

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