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'das Detail' vs. 'die Einzelheit'

  1. What is the difference between das Detail and die Einzelheit?
  2. Is there a difference between die Grundlage, die Gründung and die Basis?
  3. Does anyone know the female occupation for Kapitän?


May 21, 2017




  1. they mean the same thing. It is like saying "beautiful" and "nice looking". They mean the same, but in different cases maybe one or the other mathes better.
  2. these words definitely have differences. There are sentences though where you could use all of them. It is hard to translate because English would use "basic or basis" for all of them :) Grundlage is "basic knowledge", or the first material you start to work with, or when you learn the basics. Gründung can be "starting up" a firm, or setting the "basics". "Gründungsjahr" - is the year of establishment. Basis is the exact translation of basis.
  3. I guess because of historical reason there is no such thing as a female "Kapitän". Traditionally this word meant the driver of a boat. I guess you could say "Sie ist der Kapitän" or if you want to be very gender-equal, then Kapitänin.... sounds very bad though...

  1. none - at least not in my book

  2. Basis, Grundlage and (in most senses) Fundament are the same, Gründung is the act of founding something like a business or an association.

  3. Usually I'd think of "Kapitänin" but since I was born before political correctness it sounds awkward to me.

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