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Restore Input-IDs on the website


A while ago I created a Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolibro/ogianofickehjjgaopiohbgjhmhbdafn?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog) that automatically changes the keyboard input to another script if needed. (e.g. Cyrillian for Russian, Hebrew for Hebrew). It currently has around 2000 weekly users.

A few weeks ago some things in the source code of Duolingo changed, so now the extension doesn't work anymore. A lot of people contacted me via email and asked me to fix it.

However, I'm having a hard time getting the extension to recognize when to use the different script now, because the inputs don't have unique IDs (#word-input for single word answers, #text-input for longer answers) anymore, and also the single word answers don't have the placeholder "Type in Russian/Hebrew/Klingon" anymore. The placeholder was needed to check if the input non-English and the alternative script is needed.

Would it be possible to restore the old IDs, or at least add the missing placeholder text? If you're feeling particularly nice today you could even add a field like data-input="foreign" to the inputs to make it even easier for developers to build extensions.

I hope you'll find the time to consider this, as the users of Duolibro are waiting for a fix for the extension.

Thank you

May 21, 2017



I had been using my phone app for a few months and recently returned to my desktop. I was frustrated to find that the Duolibro extension no longer worked. It is really a pain to switch between the Hebrew and English keyboards. The app is just multiple choice, but the desktop allows me to practice typing and spelling. Please change the code and bring this back!!!


My duolibro extension stopped working today, so now I can't do the duolingo Hebrew anymore. Please change the code so that duolibro works.


I hope the input-IDs are able to be restored because I love this Duolibro extension and felt that it really helped me. I can't imagine how important it is for those learning Russian.


I wish I had known about this when I was learning Russian. I'll eventually come back to Russian and will hope this extension is restored. Or "absorbed."


Duolingo!!!! Please help Felix get duolibro working again! Or better yet, make this a default in your site. I can't do multiple languages without it!


Duolingo staff: Please add some kind of marker back to the pages to this kind of extension can work!


Another frustated DL user here (English to Hebrew) who really loved this extension and urges DL to restore the code to make it work again.


I found this because Duolibro has never worked for me. Is there any forward progress / answer / solution or do I just keep using my phone ?

I think you very much for your extension, even if I was never able to use it. Please have 5 lingots.


Just do what a hundred million Russians do: Alt+Shift

It'll very soon be just one more thing you can touch type.


Please Duolingo! Can you fix this, becaus I don´t know how to use the Hebrew keyboard anymore and that´s a real pity...

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I hope Duolingo answers this request this brilliant extension works again.


still no answer huh ?

[deactivated user]

    I hope it get fixed.


    What you say relates to my problem . I am using a tablet ok with typing English but stuck on level when Russian keyboard doesn't appear ......so discouraging!

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    Use DuoKeyboard from Chrome webstore.


    It's been 2 years ago and it still doesn't work...

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