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Is there a way of skipping single skills, which I find not useful for myself. Like f.e. Future Perfekt in Italian? If that is not possible, I would like it to be implemented. Either 3 jokers for the whole course or skipping a skill for 10 lingots...

May 21, 2017


Thanks for your comment psionpete! I am aware of what you are saying. But for advanced skills like Future Perfect that does not count in my opinion. And I should be able to decide for myself whether I want to learn a piece of grammar or not, which is hardly used by any native speaker.

May 21, 2017

I'd do it anyway.

May 21, 2017

The problem with doing that is the way that the future skills are built.

In my Hebrew course, every single question, answer, and example are in present tense.

Until after the past tense course.

In lessons beyond that, many of the exercises include past tense sentences. If you were able to skip lessons, every one of those example sentences would have to be deactivated.

Also, some additional lessons, like the usage of certain adverbs involving time in my example, couldn't be taught at all.

After one or two skipped modules, you would run the risk of not having enough example sentences to work with in future ones.

I can understand the sentiment behind your idea (personally, Hebrew has 7 different verb types and I'd rather learn them in a very different order than presented) but the way that Duolingo is designed, they would have to completely rewrite the entire program from scratch and any future courses would have to have sentences designed that included every possible permutation of skipped modules.

It would be a massive undertaking, and one that is not likely to ever happen.

May 24, 2017

No, the course is designed such that later skills build on top of earlier skills so if you skipped a skill it could affect later learning.

If you think you know the material, then you can skip all the lessons by testing outvof the skill where you can show that you really do know that subject.

May 21, 2017

I don't agree much on grammar skills since they're likely to be used later, but some vocabulary should definitely be optional, there's just some things you know you're very unlikely to use.

For instance: Materials, I had to learn this in German from English, I don't even know most of those words in english because I never used them! English is not first language but I use it quite a lot, so if I don't know vocabulary related to some topic I can probably live without it on other languages as well.

Recently I had to go through Parts of speech in Greek, I could not care less about how to say "Article", "Verb", etc on this language, and it's almost impossible to learn vocabulary you don't care about. That's a unit I'll never practice again.

September 1, 2017
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