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Hey guys! Lilyflower231 here (this is a special account). I have decided to try something new. With the recent removal of the activity streams, it has gotten harder for me to do my XP contests, and so I came up with a new idea. I am making customizable Duo avatars! I made a website specifically for this; it can be found by clicking here. All the information you need to know is on the website.

I spent a lot of time putting this together, so please take a look, and if you think it is good, tell your friends about it and upvote this discussion! Enjoy!

May 21, 2017


I can confirm that what MyDuoShop said is true. It is, in fact, another account that I made specifically for this purpose.

I wanted to say, your website looks nice! I like the fact that people can send their own pictures for backgrounds. Thanks a lot for doing this Lilyflower231 and MyDuoShop!

Thank you! I did spend a bunch of time on it, and I will probably keep updating it as this grows.

This is pretty cool, and it's clear you put a lot of work to it. I'm not too sure about posting a standalone discussion every Sunday (weekly specials), though. People may consider it spam.

That's true, although there are people that do that. For example, someone posts a streak hall of fame every Sunday. Also, since it does change every week, and it does relate to Duolingo, I'm not sure that it would be considered spam.

The reason some people may consider it spam is because it isn't related to language learning.

Right, but you are also allowed to make posts about the Duolingo community in general. The Streak Hall of Fame isn't related to language learning, but it is about the community.

Streak happens to be a primary incentive on Duolingo's side, and the Hall of Fame has been established a long time ago. (Although I personally disagree with it, I don't downvote it. Why I disagree is, it enforces long streaks while streaks are supposed to help you turn it into a habit. Keeping a too long streak can be unhealthy, turning the streak into an obligation.)
Anyway, pros and cons of the streak goes towards Duolingo, while benefits of this goes towards you. It is related to Duolingo, but making a standalone post for it every week is almost as objectionable as is advertising a paid language learning site using your own affiliation link, which happened on Arabic forums a while back and a moderator gave the OP a warning after they'd posted it several times, I wonder if that was what stopped the poster.

On a side note, avatars are meant to talk about the people behind them. When someone has, for example, an anime character set for their profile pic, I'd go ask something like "Why that character?" and that likely starts a good conversation, but if it's Duo on a mountain, all I can ask is "Why mountain and not sea?" or about the owl's color, and the answer to that will likely not be as meaningful. (And before you object that I myself use only solid colors for my profile pic, I must say I change them regularly, and people like to talk about them! I also change it for special occasions. Changing a Duo custom avatar won't come as cheap.)

Only my personal thoughts on the matter, of course.

The Streak Hall of Fame can be considered spam by some people, as well.

Great ideas! But that little Duolingo shop avatar has been DuoShop's avatar for a while. Here's his profile It would be a lot easier to tell you two apart if you changed something small. (Maybe you could change the color of the shop, or write something on it??)

Yeah, he also wrote to me about it, and I changed it. Do you like the new one?

Very creative! I think it looks great!

Hey MyDuoShop, I really like your idea and site! One little thing though, your avatar is identical to mine. Everyone knows my avatar and my name so when you post something it looks like I did. (I even thought someone hacked into my profile to post this, lol) Everything is great, just please could you change your avatar? I was the first to use it and I have the right. Thank you.

Of course! So sorry about that. I'll change it now.

The new one looks really good.

Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it.

How many lingots would it cost to make a Duo avatar on fire? Or with a fire background either way. Or as a firebird, that sounds kinda fun but difficult. (Fire's kinda my thing:)

Can you make me a wolverine (the superhero) themed bird?

I love your idea! I really like customizable things.. I like to be different. I'll share your thoughts!

Thank you for your support!

How does it work?

You can read all about it on my website. This page has most of the information you need:

I have visited your website and I already shared your shop, your ideias and your website address here in portuguese!

Wow, thank you so much! That was fast!

I'll buy one for me.

Well, you've seen the site. What customizations do you want?

I want the white body, a gray "bottom" and light gray "eyes". I also want an apple clipart on the right wing, and a red stripe on the head, equal to that of Snow White and a nature background, please. (Now I have more lingots). How much will it cost?

That will cost 30 lingots. 15 for the colors of the owl, 5 for the background, and 5 each for the clipart pieces. Now, when you say you want the red stripe, do you mean like a headband/bow? Is something like this okay? And is there any specific nature background that you want? Like forest/lake/mountains?

Yes, it's perfect! A nature background in the forest.

May I pay you now?

Yes, that is fine. Can you look at this, though? (It's a self destructing link.)

It's amazing, but, do you think it would be cooler if you put on eyelashes? I'll pay you more lingots, fine, but would it be possible? (And the apple? Which clip art did you choose? I hope I'm not bothering you.)

I could try eyelashes. I can't promise anything, though. I hadn't done the apple yet because your confirmation on the colors, but I will do that now.

I thank you for everything, really! I know this should give you a hard time, but I really have wanted to be able to own my Duo. At the end of my posts, I always put a picture of the snow white, but, with this "new fashion", I'm going to put the picture of my "snow-owl"! Lol (I really hope I'm not bothering you!)

Here is the link:

You now owe me 35 lingots instead of 30. Also, I wanted to ask, is it ok if I put the owl I made for you on my "samples" page? I think it turned out really well and would like to showcase it, but I try to make it a habit to ask the person who ordered it first.

Yes, you can put it in your "Sample Page" (By the way, I've loved the idea!) Please, send this image to my E-Mail.(Because someone has read this, and the note is destructed) Click Here please.. (If you're not MyDuoShop, don't read this!) I paid you. Thanks!

Ok I paid my fifteen lingots

Great! I will email you soon with the one-time only link to the picture.

Hi David! I emailed you the link. Have a nice day!

I would love to have one, but how do I pay you lingots?

By leaving on one of my posts. I will tell you which one once you order :)

ok... Could I have a light blue body, dark blue eyes, and a dark purple bottom with a galaxy background and maybe eyelashes? How much would that cost me?

And btw the samples on your website are SO CUTE

That would cost 20 lingots without eyelashes, or 25 lingots with eyelashes. I will get started right now making sample colors.

Ok, I have a few different colors that you can pick from. Just let me know which three you want.

And how do you feel about this as a background photo?

ok how about 29006A, 1D08A4, and 77B71FF please. I will find a background photo that I like and send it to you:)

No problem! I made a sample for you, let me know if you like it! If not, I can modify it for you. Once you are satisfied, you can pay me (anywhere) and I will send the link to the un-watermarked copy.

By any chance could you switch the dark blue and the light blue (light blue, eyes, dark blue, body) and change the light blue color to 5900A1?

Yes, I can make those changes. I will let you know it is ready. Just to make sure, you know that 5900A1 is purple, right? So you want that purple instead of a light blue? Or do you want to swap out the old purple for this one?

Here is the link. I made a few different versions so that you could decide which one you like best.

yes the purple for the light blue please

If it is ok, could I have 29006A for the bottom, 5900A1 for the body, and 1D08A4 for the eyes? I will pay you five extra lingots for my high maintenance;) Besides that, it looks awesome!

Sure, no problem. I added it to the preexisting folder (, under the number 510004. Remember, once you are ready, you can pay on any of my comments, and I will send you the link the un-watermarked copy.

the link is not working....

I'm glad to hear it! Once you pay the lingots (25 plus the ones you wanted to add on) I will send you a link to the un-watermarked picture.

How many lingots did I give you? it is crashing and I believe I overpaid

You gave 31 lingots, so I gave one back. Here is the link:

Wow thanks:) ur awesome. I am following you. Once I get enough lingots, I will buy one for my friend. Live long and prosper;)

is this site still active?

I wonder that too

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