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  5. "The dress is getting torn"

"The dress is getting torn"

Translation:Gauni linapasuka

May 21, 2017



linapasuKa - the '(i/e)k' is for STATIV mood.

Passive mood with a 'w' infixed at the end assumes a 'doer' , an author of the action. 'the dress is getting torn by someone'

the stativ mood states the result (being torn) or the general condition (easy to be torn) without any author

another example would be:

kuvunja - to break

  • Msichana a-me-vunja kikombe. - The girl has broken the cup.

  • Kikombe ki-me-vunj-ik-a. - The cup has been broken/breakable

  • Kikombe ki-me-vunj-w-a. - The cup has been broken by somebody.

you CAN'T say:

Vikombe vi-li-vunj-ika ni-li-po-vi-angusha. - The cups were broken when I dropped them.You have to use Passive in this case since there is an author of action (not being the subject which are the cups) mentioned in the second half of the sentence. So it has to be:

Vikombe vi-li-vunj-w-a ni-li-po-vi-angusha.

*po = when

Hope I got this right. I am not a native.


Where did you learn? This particular Duo language is a mess, and I'd like suggestions as to alternatives. xx


It would be good if exercises about the passive mode happened only after we have learned passive mode...


Thanks, dieprinzessin, good explanation. I assumed the -wa ending and of course, it was wrong.

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