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Native languages

Hey all I was wondering if anyone plans on starting native languages on duolingo from north, south, west and east all across Americas even Some the languages in Mexico, aside from Spanish, are Nahuatl, which has almost 1.4 million speakers, Yucatec Maya, spoken by over three quarters of a million people, and Mixtec, whose speakers amount to about half a million so does anyone know if someone planning on adding these languages in? so can we have all native languages included please?

May 21, 2017



if you know any of those languages you can formally request that duolingo allows you to create a course for it. otherwise, you should try to garner interest in these languages on here and the duolingo subreddit and see if any fluent people pop up and want to try to make a course.


The best way to make that happen on the Duolingo platform is (I think) for people who know these native languages to come forth and say that they want to develop a course in these languages for Duolingo. I don't think it is primarily a matter of Duolingo staff deciding to develop a new course, but rather of the staff agreeing to allow volunteers to develop a new course for the Duolingo platform. If I am correct on this point, then the best way to get a new language started on Duolingo is to first encourage the speakers of that language to contact Duolingo about developing a course in that language.


Nahuatl and K'iche (which is related to Yucatec Maya, and they mention it in the discussion) have been suggested already and are linked in Lrtward's guide: Nahuatl, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10604327 ; K'iche, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20537932

I couldn't find Mixtec, so that might be a new suggestion.

Upvoting and showing your support on those discussions is officially the way we are supposed to voice support for a course and try to get it made. However, from what I understand, the Duolingo staff is a lot more involved in choosing and creating courses than one might think, so even if there are contributors available and applying for a course it may take a while for it to get made depending on priorities.

But I do hope Duo eventually includes some Native American languages, I find them really interesting and they're important to native culture.


There is one: GuaranĂ­.

I'm sure "all" of them will never be made available. Let us hope some will be.


There is a free Maya class every Sunday morning at 8 am New York time on Discord. You can sign up at Lingua Llama. Please join our new FREE language channel on https://discord.gg/aystQ8z

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