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  5. I can't wait to learn Japanese


I can't wait to learn Japanese

I have been learning languages through Duolingo for 2 years off and on again. I loved the way they teach things here at Duolingo but they didn't have the one language I wanted to learn.... Japanese. I have always wanted to learn Japanese since I was very young but I never really liked any of the programs that I had tried and trust me I tried a lot. none of them had the same feel as duolingo. so I am very excited to get my hands on the new Japanese learning course here at Duolingo. I also wanted to say "thank you!!!" to the creators of this new course for seeing that Japanese was not like any other language and creating a new way to learn Japanese. I cannot wait till the android version comes out and I know I will love it. oh and for those of you who are waiting for the web or android version to come out here is the link to tiny cards for learning hiragana which is one of the Japanese writing systems https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/d84bbf83-7b3b-4472-888e-f9a10e7a918d

May 21, 2017



How do you use/make tiny cards??


On the App, press the plus sign. On the web, on the top, press create.


I didn't know they were releasing Japanese until I go the update. I have started the first few lessons. It is going to be a long uphill climb to learn the writing system, but it has been fun so far.

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