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No ability to directly contact club members. Why?

I started a German Club and members have come and gone. Some through their own volition and some have been removed because they lack any productivity. This may seem harsh, but it is only those who do absolutely nothing day after day. Thus, I want to make room for members who will work on lessons on a fairly regular basis. It is not a particularly lofty standard, but it is consistent with some work ethic. And, that is something lacking in so many aspects of society.

With that as a background, direct contact with group members is critical. And, yet, it is denied. I cannot find any way to make direct contact with club members. Why?

May 21, 2017



There is absolute no point to clubs. Useless feature.
Even the scoreboard wasn't working the last time I checked.


It's just not an existing feature. They should probably add it. Maybe you could email the Duolingo staff about it.


He could certainly email the staff but there is not much chance his message would be read.


I attempted to email the staff with the proper email address but to no avail. For me, this is a sore point because it diminishes the value of a club. How can I offer encouragement if I cannot contact the club members? That is a rhetorical question. On the other hand, of what value is a staff, if questions are not answered? That is a genuine inquiry!


Well, a good percentage of kids and grade students are using this app and site through classes, and parents. Not sure if a soccer mom would be too fond that their 10 year old can talk to anyone around the world of any age, on an educative site.

My 8 year old cousin is using this for Portuguese, to communicate with his grandparents. The first thing his parents asked: Can strangers talk to him?


I will give you the point regarding privacy after my 36 years of experience in education. However, we turn to the second point regarding contact from staff. In my experience, it does not exist and that, in itself, is simply incomprehensible.

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