"Maize flour stiff porridge"

Translation:Ugali wa sembe

May 21, 2017

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I'd say the English for ugali is "ugali" - 'stiff porridge' may be an accurate description, but it's not what you'd call ugali when talking English.


Is this referring to uji?


Not quite. Ugali is a thick, stiff maize porridge, whereas uji is much thinner in consistency.


Ugali has a consistency so that it can be kneaded with your hand and used to pick up other food

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    My father is Tanzanian and uses the word ugi for oatmeal.


    also there is ugali wa dona which is still made from maize

    [deactivated user]

      I guess I dispute this because Ugali is made with corn flour and rice flour in my family so why differentiate it?


      Sembe sounds more like sorghum or millet. According to Kenyans, it should be ugali wa mahindi or just "ugali."

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