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Pacing Question

I just started duolingo a few days ago (I love it so far), and I was wondering how many new skills I should aim to do each day. I like getting new material to learn, but I'm worried about moving on too quickly before I have a strong enough grasp of the material from previous lessons. I understand that everybody moves at a different pace, but is there an average/recommended rate?

May 21, 2017



In the beginning I started out doing two or three a week. I kept reviewing over and over again so I wouldn't forget. I'm close to the end of the tree now and I do 1 every other day, three days, or four days depending on the level of difficulty and length. Everyone learns at a different pace so move on when you feel like you remember all the words.


I also made a website so you can practice the words you are learning: https://sites.google.com/ucps.k12.nc.us/tanzanlang/home


Have you had someone check the Swahili? At one point, the doctor says "unependa yoyote?" ... it should be "unapenda". Also, you use ndani a lot immediately before a noun. I think it needs to be ndani ya and I'm not sure you can say ndani ya Marekani either because that would be like "inside America"... I'm not sure though. Anyway, good work! They're cute little bits of writing and they've been making me laugh!


I use Duolingo combined with Memrise. Memrise helps a lot to remember the words, Duolingo is better for practicing grammar. I take it easy, but try to learn every day, which works fine.

Link to memrise: https://www.memrise.com/course/1432220/duolingo-swahili/


Since you missed it twice...

DuolingO* with an O in the end...


Updated my post. Asante

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