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Ads for financial trading apps /websites

The ads I see in the iPhone duolingo app (English, in Germany) are almost always for financial trading apps / websites. I'm posting this here in case the duolingo staff isn't aware and doesn't want these kind of ads (that appeal to the inner gambler in all of us).

May 21, 2017



There's nothing unwholesome about the stock market ... well, at least not in the same way that, say, roulette is unwholesome. The vast majority of Americans rely on the the stock market to fund their retirements. Invest in a smart way, and it's pretty much not gambling.*

*Assuming no unforeseeable global catastrophes such as a cretaceous size asteroid.


I didn't want to imply that. I was more thinking of day trading, risky futures trading, certain kinds of options trading, etc. Anyway, I'm not personally bothered by these ads, but I thought they might not necessarily be appropriate for an educational app.


Ah well, that's certainly fair.


Maybe Duolingo doesn't want the ads to target kids who have to use Duolingo because their teachers use Duolingo for Schools, and maybe these financial trading apps and websites aren't accessible to people without credit cards, so maybe kids can't use them?

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