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Japanese Masterpost

Once upon a time, I used to write Japanese lessons here on duolingo. Now, with the beta course finally being released for iOS, I realize that the lessons may not be needed any longer. However, since someone might not understand a certain grammar rule, or want to learn some new words that weren't taught in the course, here is a link to all of the lessons once again.

Making the lessons was helpful to me because explaining words and grammatical structures in depth really helped me with my own Japanese studies, and I can just hope that people find them useful for themselves. I just want to help this language spread out to more people who are commited and interested in learning.


May 22, 2017



We now have a Japanese from English forum and we are now moving Japanese-related discussions over, including this one. Please post future Japanese conversations there. =]

Announcement here


Thank you for telling me!


I have been following your other post for a while. Thank you for all the hard work you put it. You have helped more people than you know.


Thank you for telling.


Aww,you're the best!Thank you've much for the entire list link,wow! You used to write for Duo?was this long ago? nice to meet you..btw. The lessons must have been alot of work actually..are you located in America or elsewwhere,I mean,is the Duo located anywhere specifically? Are all of the writers for the lessons Native Japanese,or just fluent,even though they may not be Japanese?

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