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Investing in Duolingo

I have been happily using Duolingo for over four years now. I think it is great and I recommend it often.

I see myself continuing to practice a language once a day for the rest of my life.

I noticed the recent change in the iOS app to ask for payment to make advertisements go away. This makes me wonder about the plans for long term sustainability of Duolingo.

I would really like some way to invest in Duolingo as a way to give back. I suspect a lot of other users like me would as well. Have you considered doing something under a crowdsourcing mechanism (e.g, something compatible with the JOBS Act) that would allow users to invest in the business in small amounts?

May 22, 2017



Title III of the JOBS Act has a rolling annual cap of $1M in crowdfunded investments, and mandates certain financial disclosures and reporting requirements. Those conditions might make it unattractive to a privately held corporation that has already raised $83.3M in venture capital.


Or real stock? Some of us old farts would qualify as eligible private equity investors .


I would enjoy either option. I do think that Duolingo fits a niche of things users would be willing to crowdsource.

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