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Strategy for When to Progress

I wasn't able to find it on google but perhaps there's already a discussion like this, but when do people like to start the next lesson?

I've seen some people say they wait until they have 5/5 for each topic (otherwise they just race through the tree not learning things), but this seems tedious if you know basic stuff already. Does anyone have good strategies for this?

May 22, 2017



I do all the skills in a lesson once on the website then once on the app then progress to the next skill but only when everything is gilded. The first time a skill degilds I redo the whole skill lesson by lesson then the next time I strengthen it on the app instead. I find the rate of degilding managable this way. Using both the app and the website gives a greater variety of questions and helps learning. Strengthening on the website takes too long and gets frustrating if you make typos so I don't do it there. It is important to keep the flow going but still do enough review to increase your familiarity with the language. This method has been refined over thirty two trees 30 trees. It works!


Just go with the flow

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