"Lete vitabu"

Translation:Bring books

May 22, 2017



Is this a subjunctive form of (ku)leta? If so, is the subject prefix optional (I'd have used 'ulete')? That feels unusual to me.

May 22, 2017


Kuleta is just an irregular verb. The imperative is not "leta" but lete for some reason, like how kwenda and kuja have the irregular forms nenda and njoo.

May 23, 2017


Could one say "lete chumvi tafadhali" at a dinnertable (please pass the salt)?

May 27, 2019


you don't typically use 'lete' when being polite; it's used when being very casual or demanding (and 'lete' would be interpreted as 'bring' rather than 'pass')

'Please pass the salt' would be 'Pitisha chumvi tafadhali'

May 27, 2019
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