"Walk in the village"

Translation:Tembea kijijini

May 22, 2017



I'm not sure how Swahili would make a distinction between walking 'in' the village or walking 'to' the village. For this one, I nearly gave "tembea vijijini," but instead tried "tembea katika vijiji." Nope, wrong. Thoughts?

May 22, 2017


Vijiji would simply be making kijiji roughly meaning 'village' plural. So all you would be doing would be saying walking to the village's'.

The answer to your question is that there is no distinction between the two. Its contextual. Besides, if you are walking "to" the village with no real destination, that's not all THAT different from walking "in" the village. If you were ealking to a specific part of the village in a real conversation you would probably say kanisani(to the church) sokoni(to the market) or something along those lines.


Nenda kutembea kijijini - Got to walk in the village...

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