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"Walk in the village"

Translation:Tembea kijijini

May 22, 2017



I'm not sure how Swahili would make a distinction between walking 'in' the village or walking 'to' the village. For this one, I nearly gave "tembea vijijini," but instead tried "tembea katika vijiji." Nope, wrong. Thoughts?


Words for locations (like kijijini) don’t specify if they mean “to”, “from” or “in”. The verb specified that. With kutembea, locational nouns mean “in/on/at”. To change it, you add a verb.

Tembea kijijini = Walk (around) in the village.

Tembea kwenda kijijini = Walk to the village. (Kwenda specifies “to” for locationals)

Tembea kutoka kijijini. = Walk from the village. (Kutoka specifies the “from” meaning of locationals)


Nenda kutembea kijijini - Got to walk in the village...

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