"Über den Wolken"

Translation:Above the clouds

May 22, 2017

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Why not "Over the clouds"?


”over the clouds” means a trajectory, does it not? Über den Wolken is a position. The corresponding trajectory (to a place above the clouds) would be über die Wolken, with the noun phrase taking accusative case instead of dative.


♪ Somewhere, over the railbow... ♪


Actually Über den Wolken is also a famous song by a singer called Reinhard Mey :) It talks about watching a plane start and wishing to fly as well:

“Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein. Alle Ängste, alle Sorgen – sagt man – blieben darunter verborgen, und dann würde, was uns groß und wichtig erscheint, plötzlich nichtig und klein.”

“Above the clouds freedom must know no bounds. All our fears, all our worries – they say – would stay hidden below them, and then what seems big and important to us would suddenly become trifling and small.”


Thank you for that lovely song, that's a fantastic way of learning a language, do give examples like that whenever you have the chance.


Not to gorget the "luftaufsichtsbarracke" he somehow fit into that song




This lists the complete lyrics



This is the version that was put onto a cassette tape for me in 1983 by a friend in Köln. The other side was Bap.

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I have such wonderful memories connected with this song, it always brings a tear to my eye.
Thank you for the link.


I think it can be either -- The lamp is hanging over (= above) the table / The bird is flying over the table.


Id translate over the clouds with accusative, über die wolken.


I agree that "over the clouds" sounds more like it's accusative than "above the clouds," but I also agree with mizinamo, that "over the clouds" could also be dative, either "die" or "den" in this sentence.


Over and above are synonymous, there should be no difference.


How do you say in German, "The birds fly over the clouds"?


It depends on what you mean.

If you mean that the birds are flying and the clouds are beneath them the whole time, then Die Vögel fliegen über den Wolken.

If you mean that the birds are flying, see a cloud, go up so that they are above the cloud and then go down again once they have crossed the cloud, then Die Vögel fliegen über die Wolken.


"over the clouds" should also be accepted.


Uber (with umlaut) also means 'about'? So can it also mean..about the clouds?


Uber (with umlaut)

If you can't type an umlaut, then type an e after the vowel letter: ae oe ue Ae Oe Ue.

also means 'about'?

Yes. In that metaphorical meaning, it requires the accusative case.


  • Er redet über den Wolken. "He is talking above the clouds." (dative case)
  • Er redet über die Wolken. "He is talking about the clouds. (accusative case)


Can you use oben here? Oben den Wolken


Can you use oben here? Oben den Wolken

No. oben is an adverb ("at the top", "upstairs") and can't be followed by a noun.

oben den Wolken would be as wrong as "at the top the clouds" (without "of").


Ahh i forgot über here is a preposition. Vielen Dank !


über is always a preposition, isn't it?


Über can be adverb too,
doesn't it ?


It can, but only in the sense of “more than” (in front of numbers): über zehn Jahre “more than ten years”. So even that one looks a lot like a preposition because it has to be followed by a number (it is not a preposition in the syntactic sense though because the head word is the number, not über).


mmm...I don't understand. Previously I had an example: Irgendwo uber DEM Regenbogen and now: Uber DEN wolken. What is responsible for this difference?


dem Regenbogen: masculine singular. den Wolken: plural (also Wolke is feminine but that doesn’t matter in this case because there are no gender differences in plural). So it’s the same as the difference between der Regenbogen vs. die Wolken in nominative case.

Btw, it’s über, not uber. Pay attention to umlauts; they do matter. If you can’t enter them, you should install a German keyboard and switch to that for writing German (you can do it at a keypress). And if for some reason that isn’t possible, use “ae, oe, ue” instead of “ä, ö, ü”.


Then I wrote this word with umlaut, now I'm just in a hurry. Thank you I didn't notice the plurar form, for now everything is clear.


Duo accept "Über dem Wolken"? Is 'dem' possible?


Duo accept "Über dem Wolken"? Is 'dem' possible?

No; über dem Wolken is completely wrong -- dem is masculine dative or neuter dative but Wolken is plural, so you need plural dative den.

über dem Wolken should be rejected, I think.

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