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5 languages that are hard to master, but will pay off forever.


Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, without even considering the other varieties of the language, 897 million people speak Mandarin alone.


Hindi is the fifth largest language in the world by speakers.


Arabic is the fourth most popular language in the world by number of speakers.


Russian is the eighth most popular language in the world, with a total of 171 million speakers.


Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world, by number of speakers.


May 22, 2017



Hi, plagiarism is not allowed. It is nice that you found some information that might be helpful/informative to other people. However, in that case it is best to give a short description of it instead of paste the entire text here.

Edit: I see you have added the link now. Though still you cannot copy the entire text here. So you'll either have to edit your post or I'll have to remove it.

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That's a bit unfair considering that 50% of the people that see it wouldn't press the link if there is a link and if the whole thing is posted here then they will read it. As long as you put the link in I'm sure it doesn't matter.

Lingots: I can't check my Lingots so can someone please tell me how much I have


There's nothing unfair about it. You cannot just copy large amounts of text, even if you put in a reference. It's similar to placing the entire text of a book on your own website to conclude that someone else wrote it. It's called copyright for a reason.


How do you put "copyright" like that. and thanks again


Search for “Markdown” in the discussions.


Thank you so much


Thank you for the advice


If I can reach C2 in italian, id like to start learning Japanese or Hindi

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