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Streak freeze

I recently used my streak freeze but it now says equipped all the time,obviously I don't want this,so does anyone know how to undo it ? I'm doing the lessons,logged out ect. but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

May 22, 2017



Congrats on your 254 day streak and also for being equipped to protect it with the Streak Freeze. If maintaining your streak is important to you, the scenarios burner0 mentioned do happen. It never hurts to have a day protection for a "just in case" day when you cannot practice. This time around I am equipped with Streak Freeze. I wasn't protected when I lost my previous streak.


Thanks for your replies,so the streak freeze can remain equipped and only uses the ten lingots if you fail to do your practice ? That was my concern,so thanks for clearing it up. I know the streak isn't really important but it motives you to do daily practice when you do build it up. Its like the Spanish classes I attend,I know I could probably do the work at home but hate to miss one as it looks as if you are not really putting in all the effort you can. The people on here have never failed to be helpful and encouraging.

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