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The Romanian decay rate is ridiculous, it needs to be fixed

i should be done the first tree by now but i'm trying to keep it gold so i've been doing the same lessons hundreds of times, i have practiced 140 times am still in the first tree (i have only practiced Romanian). this needs to be fixed.

May 22, 2017



I don't know if there are different decay rates per course. Be aware that even if you practiced 140 times, you often have to practice more than once to get a skill golden. If you are decaying faster, then it may be an A/B test. What's important though is that you feel you know Romanian, even if Duolingo doesn't.


i do, i can finish all of the basics one tests in under 3 minutes


Romanian is still in Beta. This means that there may be bugs or errors throughout the course.


Romanian decay really does seem to be really quick (I took a break for a week or two from Duolingo and I haven't been able to get everything gold since then). However, I haven't taken any other courses so I really have nothing to compare it with. Perhaps all courses decay at such rate.


YES that happens to me, one day i was away from my computer cause i was extremely busy, that was a week ago, im still not gold on all of them


Actually is happening in all languages. Take a look here, for example:


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