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Impactful question . . . .

When activity was removed, it was said that it would eventually return, even possibly with a private messaging system? Duolingo has been virtually useless for me, without the amazing support and encouragement from my friends, and I would love to know when it would . . . or will be back again. Thanks,


May 22, 2017



Why useless? You can still learn languages (for free). Support from frends is great, but you need to find motivation and strenght within yourself. Just keep learning, hopefully activity will be back. : )


Hi Ashley! :-) There's no indication in the least at when the "much better tools" Mr. von ahn promised are going to be implemented. The closest he came to mentioning the time was "soon", as you may see in (Warning, heavy discussion) the official announcement. As far as I know, no-one asked him about it in his latest Reddit AMA.

In the meantime, keep learning, and remember that heroes don't always have company.


Hi Aria. Wow, there were quite a few comments on that page.


Well, they never really said when it would be back. But it will be back for sure, so don't worry. I made some old discussions about it so I'll make a newer one today that's more updated! Have a good day.

-Truely, Myah.

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