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"He is skinny regardless of how much he eats."

Translation:El este slab oricât de mult mănâncă.

May 22, 2017



I got this question as multiple choice, and one of the correct answers was "El este slab oricât de mult ar mânca."

What is the "ar" doing here?


That is equivalent to the English: He is skinny regardless of how much he would eat. In Romanian you are allowed to say it like this.

In other words:

  • (eu) aș = I would
  • (tu) ai = you (singular) would
  • (el/ea) ar = he/she would
  • (noi) am = we would
  • (voi) ați = you (plural) would
  • (ei/ele) ar = they would


... oricât de mult [el] mănâncă?


    When the sentence is all about him, the second "el" is neither necessary nor useful. This "el" is understood (subînțeles) and it is never used.

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