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How's Japanese Going

Recently on the new update Jp got released and I want opinions on the course! As I want personal opinions on what I can expect on the PC version. I'm willing to try it out. Son in summary what can I expect from the JP for EN course?

May 22, 2017



I like it so far. Learning Hiragana wasn't as hard as I initially expected.

Tip: if you combine Duolingo with Tinycards to learn Hiragana, you'll be impressed how fast you'll learn


You can expect the most important thing, which is Grammar/Notes and Tips. And also increase in difficulty


I like it so far!


gah, i heard it had some mistakes and was 'hard' but i've never tried it myself yet. i felt as if i wanted to give it a wait before starting so they can fix any bugs (imo, never start something IMMEDIATELY after it comes out, as it can have bugs on launch). but of course you should see for yourself, learning is different for everyone


When will the android version or the PC version be released?


Android in a week or two, and PC later this year.


It's amazing! I can read some simple stuff so far! You should really try it out!


I can't wait until it's available for PC!

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