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Finally Finished My German Tree

It feels really good to finally finish and I'm posting this more or less to feel good about myself, but to also encourage anyone who really wants to learn that new language they've been working on, and even if you have hit points of low motivation, you can always come back and achieve your goals.

May 22, 2017



Gut gemacht. Ich hoffe, dass Sie fortfahren, Deutsch zu lernen. :) Es gibt immer etwas Neues zu entdecken!!!


Congrats! Great accomplishment! Sending a lingot your way.


Gut gemacht. Congrats!!!!


Congratulations! Just started learning it myself so this was motivating, thanks =D


Congratulations ! (I'm crying with this language right now,hoping one day to finish the tree !)


Awesome! Congrats! I just started my journey to learn the language, how long did it take you to become fluent?


Well my mother is from Germany and I've visited many times in my life, so even though she did not teach me, I have had a lot of exposure to it all my life so starting to learn it in my personal life was not so hard to pick up on. Overall though I have been on Duolingo on and off for three years and one tip to retaining your words better is to definitely go back and review the lessons you've completed before. I would suggest about a week after you learn it.


Sehr gut! Ausgezeichnet! :)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Congratulations! :-D


Guten Tag! Amazing and congrats to you. I love Dulingo and since I don't know what to do with my lingots...(now I see others have given to you...I will try to do that too! Oh, I don't know how!!!!


Congratz man! I just finished mine today as well and it was super liberating!


Good work! Well said. Duolingo is a great site to learn. Wish you luck in continuance of learning German!!


Do you feel as though you have mastered the language?


Not exactly but I don't think is every a point of mastering and more than that is that you never need to master it. I have of course forgotten words I learned and there is always room to improve.


What I meant was, do you feel you can speak fluently now?


Toll gemacht! Viel Glück in deinen Abenteuer!


For me the hardest part in learning German is learning new words otherwise i think i understand the grammar.


are going to take the language test for the German language? :) to know your level :)


how many days all in all did you work for it? and how many xps in a day in a day? Congratulations men!


Well done! Kompliment!

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