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Speak online?

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations on resources you've used to speak with native speakers online (like voice or video chat)? I'd like to complement my learning from Duolingo with something that's used often, safe, and inexpensive (or free).

It'd be nice to see Duolingo add something like this someday. As of right now, I feel like I rely too much on various internet resources for typing responses correctly instead of letting mistakes happen and learning from them.

Thank you!

May 22, 2017



Hinative has the choice to say something in your target language and have Native speakers correct it, if it needs it :)

Also, another website worth mentioning is Conversation Exchange. When registering, you can choose if you want to do video chats / audio calls, and then you can find Natives to chat with!


I very much doubt that voice chat would be added to Duolingo due to safety concerns.


I haven't used it yet but I hear that Lang 8 is good: http://lang-8.com/ From what I read it's not video chat but you type a paragraph and native speakers can correct your mistakes.


try youtube live stream


tandem is a great app, you can text, phone call and video call.

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