"Igen, oda menj!"

Translation:Yes, go there!

May 22, 2017



Not getting any audio with some of these (just in the Hungarian course), including this one sentence. Just me?

July 10, 2017


Same here.

July 22, 2017


Same here. I need to hear this.

August 23, 2017


No sound 08.09.2017

September 9, 2017


Why "oda menj" here and not "oda menni" as in other sentences?

May 22, 2017


This is the imperative, telling someone to go there.
If you are asking about the word order, ie. "oda menj" vs. "menj oda", that is a matter of emphasis. A simple "go there" is "menj oda". But if someone is going to the wrong place, then you would tell them:
"No, do not go there, go over there instead!" That would be "Oda menj", not to some other place.

May 23, 2017


How would you say "Not there, over there!"? Would it be "Nem oda, oda!"?

June 14, 2017


"Nem oda, oda!" or "Nem oda, hanem oda!"

July 3, 2017


Nem oda, amoda! vagy (or) Nem oda, emide. :D

January 6, 2018


Using amoda is surely a good idea here, there's your lingot :)

May 11, 2019


Why" yes, I am going there" isn't a good answer

July 20, 2018

[deactivated user]

    I am going there - Odamegyek. It's not an imperative sentence, unlike 'oda menj!'

    September 10, 2018


    Is j clearly pronounced in menj? Or does it sound similar to "meny"?

    November 14, 2018


    It does sound similar to "meny", even more to "menny" with long ny, actually. I'm not sure about the terminology but the general rule is you don't make stops between consonants next to each other so all kind of assimilations come into play, just like here, n and j merging into a (long) ny

    May 11, 2019
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