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Verkauft oder gekauft

What is the difference between verkauft and gekauft? Duoling has you say "Ich habe es verkauft" rather than "Ich habe es gekauft" but it is my understanding that the verbs mean the same thing. When learning the present perfect (I think that's what the verb tense is called) it seems like all the verbs are preceded by the particle "ge-" so I assumed that would be the case for "verkauft" as well. Danke für deine Hilfe!

May 22, 2017



verkaufen means "to sell", while kaufen means "to buy". So verkauft is the past participle of verkaufen and gekauft the one for kaufen. Some verbs like the ones starting with be-, ver-, zer- etc. don't get a ge- at all for their past participle.


gekauft = bought. / verkauft = sold

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