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Favorite language

What is your favorite language to learn? I am new here and my favorite language is french and.that's the only language i am learning. I wanted to learn french from a long time. Everyone have their own opinions and i just wanted to know that. ❤

May 22, 2017



I love them all equally, cannot choose a single tongue.


Wow.. So you're learning many languages


French for me


My favourite language is Vietnamese and Korean!
But Guarani is growing on me :)


Except for Korean. I have never heard any of these languages before


If you ever want a challenge, i definitely recommend Vietnamese, It's a beautiful language with friendly people :)


I will sure try this language


Avañe'ẽ ha'e peteĩ ñe'ẽ porã!

(Guaraní is a beautiful language!)


Norwegian! Welsh sounds cool too, and Japanese. Swedish sounds a lot like Norwegian but I'm not going to learn Swedish until I finish Norwegian.

[deactivated user]

    Dutch at the moment. I'm starting to learn Norwegian too. Edit: I think I'll wait until I finish Dutch actually.


    I have loads! But I'd say: Spanish for speaking and being able to use a language on holiday, Chinese for its unique and interesting language and I just really like Turkish because of how it sounds and how it's quite unique to any other language I've seen!


    Chinese is the most difficult language


    It's definitely one of the most difficult but I personally wouldn't say THE difficult. I'd say people make it out to be harder than it really is. It's a pain in the *ss to learn all the symbols and get the tones right but apart from that it's fairly straight forward.


    And whay about Japanese?


    The difficulty of a language is purely subjective. English is supposedly extremely difficult for a non-native speaker. That being said, Mandarin Chinese is by no means easy, haha.


    Chinese isn't easy at all, I find. I just think it's not as hard as people make it out to be. If you work hard at it then of course it won't be overly hard.



    I've been so obsessed with learning Japanese! But I love it. I've been writing down sentences, Kanji, watching videos, i'm becoming wayyy too obsessed xD.


    My favorite language to learn is easily German; probably because I've put the most work into it and I'm studying it at school as well. My favorite sounding language is easily Italian and I'm super interested in the rich culture that accompanies it. I'd actually really love to learn the basics of Hindi as soon as it's available, too. Hindi just seems like such an invaluable, inspiring language. My reasons aren't too relevant honestly but hey; It's seems pretty cool.


    Spanish AND fRENCH


    I also like spanish. Spanish is quite similar to french


    you are right it is!


    Like 1Jmevd4r said Spanish and French for me.


    My favorite language is the arabic.The original arabic has a wider base comparing to any other language origin.I got TESOL for the english proficiency.I climbed to level 14 in french but dropped to 8 due to set up mistake from my side during dulingo activity.My hope is to reach level 25 in both french and english.


    So many ones... I'm likely to say a different one depending on the moment you ask me... Right now I'd say Sumerian and Classical Mayan (both the spoken languages and its cuneiform script and glyphs respectively...) I'd love to be fluent in those.


    Spanish, Romanian and Japanese.


    Out of all the languages I'm learning asides from my native tongue (English), here's a list of which ones I prefer (in order):

    1. Spanish
    2. Mandarin Chinese
    3. Japanese
    4. French
    5. Italian
    6. Russian


    I have also planned to learn spanish italian and russian


    I recommend you having some proficiency at French and finish up the Duolingo tree for it. Juggling six languages is tough; even sometimes I forget things and have to revise over and over. Trust me.


    mine is Spanish and i am going too try French and Dutch after i am done Spanish


    i always wanted to learn Korean!


    English is the best language! come to Australia its awesome

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