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Timed Practice Suggestion

It would be nice if after the timer gets to zero, you get to see what the correct form of the sentence is. It would make it easier when you can't type the full sentence in time, and you can see if you were right. There have been many times where I would get the sentence wrong at 0:01, and there wouldn't be enough time for the correct answer to appear.

May 22, 2017



On the old version of the website you can, accessed by the button on the lower left and it brings you to a screen that looks like this: You click on the squares to show the answer you submitted and the correct one. Most unfortunately, this feature seems to have been eliminated in the website rewrite. I suppose it isn't much used because it's hard to locate, as evidenced once again by an obviously experienced user not knowing about it (I took these screenshots in response to a similar post from a person who'd completed 8 trees).


Oh? It is an old feature? I found that feature for the first time two days ago. Didn't know it existed before. Thought maybe it was a new feature they had added that day for everyone...

Here's a screenshot I from a few minutes ago:

I wonder why it is that I have this feature?


Many users still have the "old" version of the website. The easiest way to check is if the notifications that show up when you click the bell are in the upper right (old) or the center (new) of the screen.


Oh yeah, it's back on old version now when I'm on Japanese course (notification in upper right)... But it's on the new version when I'm on Hebrew course (notification in centre of screen)...

When I made this account a month ago and started the Japanese course, I think then it began on the new version. But now, since a few days ago, it's reverted back to the old version...

Pretty weird how it's different for different languages. Although Japanese could well be an exceptional case, with how it's not been officially released on web yet.

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