"Femeia bea suc de lămâie."

Translation:The woman drinks lemon juice.

May 22, 2017

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Is this the same as lemonade? Here in the states, nobody would drink lemon juice, as it is extremely concentrated.


It really is lemon juice. Lemonade would be limonadă.


This speaker consistently breaks at the final 'a' of an articulated feminine noun and makes that 'a' sound like the first letter of the following word. Is that standard in spoken Romanian?


It's not. They just have improperly recorded sound clips for each word. It looks like it plays "femei" from "femeie" then plays "a". Also the sound clips are badly cut and it shows.

It could be heard that utterings are cut prematurely. Also the stops between each or the sound clips are either not there or too short, causing the whole sentences to sound

  • Mechanical
  • Robotic
  • Unnatural


the woman drinks a lemon juice

I would accept this as well. I missed an article because my english is not that good to know all article related rules


The fun fact that English allows one to drop the indefinite article often. At least American English does.

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