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What Duolingo level is equivalent to Spanish I in high school?

My son has reached level 11 in beginning Spanish. Is this the equivalent of Spanish 1 in high school? Would level 22 be the equivalent of Spanish 2 in high school, and so on?

May 22, 2017




The levels are based on xp, not words learned. For instance, you could finish your entire tree and be at Level 12, or you could just do the very first lesson in the very first skill over and over again until you reach the highest level (Level 25). In the first situation, you might not be a "high" level, but you would know lots of words, whereas in the second scenario, you would be a "high" level but only know about 6 words.

Hope this helps! :)


People have already addressed the level thing. So, I'll just add that how far a person comes by the end of the course (if they were able to memorize everything in it) differs course to course. They offer different amounts of vocabular words and concepts. I've most often read reports of people gaining between an A1 and B1.


You cannot really measure your high school curriculum course against Duolingo, unfortunately, considering Duolingo is its own 'course' and is more of the basics and essentials of a language.

I'm taking German I and German II at my high school and I have found that Duolingo, while it is definitely helpful is only a fun 'supplement' to help with additional little things I'm already learning in school. Like, thanks to Duolingo, I'll occasionally already know some words in school and will be slightly ahead of my peers. Everyone is individual of course, and so the amount of work you put in shows and I am a firm believer that while Duolingo can give you the basics and extra, you should really take the school course and practice outside of the internet as well.

Best of luck with Spanish! You'll find it to be a very gorgeous and rewarding language I am sure.


As others here have mentioned, there's no such thing as a duolingo level equivalent to a high school language course.


Can anyone help me with equivalencies? We are in California


there are no equivalencies. see my comment below.


Don't different school districts have different standards, so that even Spanish 1 in one high school isn't necessarily the equivalent of Spanish 1 in another high school?

You might want to ask this question of people who teach Spanish in your local high school. :)

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