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How to become a moderator?

So I noticed some people are moderators. What can they do and how do you become one? Is it chosen on strictly made rules? Or is it earned simply by helping people a lot?

May 23, 2017



Hi! If you hover over your username where it appears in the blue bar at the top of the screen, a menu will drop down. On it, you'll see an option that says Help. If you click on that, it has a ton of information about Duolingo. (The Duolingo Wiki is great too!). On that Help page, you'll find This article titled Who Are the Forum Moderators. I hope that helps! ^_^


Has HughCParker ever tried to become a moderator? He seems to know a lot about the site and he helps people a lot.


The only way people can try to become moderators in any sort of direct way is to become a course contributor. As for folks being chosen who aren't in the Incubator, that is slowing at the moment as Duolingo considers some changes.

HughCParker is pretty amazing though. :)


My computer is lagging so hardcore today. My comment took me 4 minutes to type. By that time, you'd beat me to it. :P


Victory is MINE!!! Muah hah hah hah!!!
I mean, um, what I meant to say was: Gee, that's rotten. I hate lag.

Your answer was better than mine; I didn't explain how to find "Help".


You can probably find information in the Duolingo wikia

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