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Has bullying and harassment decreased since the Activity streams disappeared?

I say yes.

I was being bullied and harassed daily on Duolingo. My account was followed by users with vulgar names. All of my posts were voted down and out of sight every single day.

I think the Activity stream made it possible because since it was deleted, only one post at a time is votebombed instead of all of my posts. Even the people with bad user names stopped.

It isn't as easy to report problems. I hope they fix that.

What do you think?

May 23, 2017



I never had that problem because I had the activity stream for only 1 day. It disappeared and I could only access it through my email when someone posted something there. But I guess it could have allowed people to harass me if I still had it. I never thought of that possibility until now. Duolingo is made up of (mostly) nice users who just want to learn a language.


I've had far fewer people report that they are being harassed/bullied to me. However, fewer people are able to contact me in order to report it.


Glad to hear that, Usagiboy7! We know it is not ideal right now, and we will find better ways for people to contact mods, and for people to interact. Activity stream was causing trouble though, and we're glad that something positive came out of removing it. For now, if people are having a hard time contacting a mod, it is best if people report abuse here.


Thanks for that link! Could you upper case the first letter so it is "Here" instead of "here", or hyperlink "Report abuse here"? Some people have a hard time picking out the grey font color from the black. It will stand out more as a link to if breaks with case expectations. :)


How is that? XD


It's improved hehe


YES!! same here!!


Oh wow. I'm sorry you were dealing with that.


Don't worry, I am still barely alive.

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