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can you talk too some one on their page?

i am just wondering if you follow them then can you talk too them??

May 23, 2017



Yes. You can talk to someone even if you don't follow them. However, since Duolingo got rid of the Activity stream, now you can't see messages you've sent, and the recipient can only see the part of the message shown in the notification, either by email or by the little bell in the top-right corner on the site.


Unfortunate. I hope Duolingo brings activity streams back.


Thank you RyanOkushi. You've just answered a very important question I had. I generally use the mobile app and only until recently have been doing Duo on computer and also checking out the discussion forums. I thought I was missing something very basic when I was unable to access and view the messages I had recently sent. I also didn't know how to access the FULL message from communications posted on "my stream" since only PART of the message appears when I click the notification icon.

I didn't know the ability to view messages has been removed when Duo got rid of the Activity stream.

If anyone knows of a new? way to VIEW the full messages which partially appear under the notification icon, kindly share. Thanks!


You can't. Not on the site. You should be able to see more if you get email notifications, but on the site, you can see only maybe the first 3 words.


Thank you Ryan. I checked my settings and discovered the option to e-mail if someone posts on my stream was not on. Now that I've turned that option on, hope I'll be able to see full messages. Hope it works. Thanks again:)


Perhaps if you go back to the original discussion, you should see both.


The notification icon accommodates only 5 messages. The PARTIAL messages I received yesterday are no longer there today (due to the new messages I've received). My Activity tab is blank; therefore, I have no way of checking activity stream there. Regarding e-mails: I do receive Duo communication related to reminders to study or reports. I don't have any e-mails with reference as to when someone posts on my stream. I have no issue when it comes to Forum Discussion communication. When I am notified of a reply, the notification has the link and I am able to view reply; however, if I want to send a message to someone directly, or they send me a message outside the forum, I don't have a way to follow the thread of messages, or view their full response. Unless I am missing something, I am assuming this is the situation everyone is in??? Thank you for your reply Trenton.


how can i talk too them?


How do you do that on here?


For images:

! [alternate text for image] (image url)

Get rid of the spaces between the parentheses. You don't necessarily need the alternate text.
So putting in this:


Should give you this:



Sorry, didn't see you're comment. Glad you found out.

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